Dayton Projects

The following streets & areas will be repaved or receive repair work starting Friday, June 1st. This is made possible by your Town Council applying for and receiving Community Crossing grant money on $299,000 worth of projects. The CCD, ADA, and Strom Water funds will also be contributing to fund parts 1 and 2 of the repaving project.

Part 1:

Main St.

Washington St.

Meadow Dr.

Delaware St.

Ciifty Falls- East of Dayton Rd.

Ohio St. – From Conjunction St. to ally at the top of the hill.

Hine Dr. – Cul-de-sac repair

Hine & Yost- Repair intersection

Market St. – Repair south of Fire Station

There is NO PARKING on these streets between 7am and 6pm week days. Work is expected to completed Friday, June 8th weather permitting.

Part 2:

As part of the Dayton Town Council’s commitment to enhance our town and bring the towns assets up to current standards, work along College St. will start the first week of June and finish Mid-July.

This project is to provide controlled drainage along College, safe on street parking at the school and safe walking pathways for school pedestrian traffic complying with ADA standards. Work will include the following:

installing (2) storm drains and (1) manhole to current storm water system. Curbing and sidewalk along the south side of College St. from Conjunction to Dayton Rd. and the widening of current College St.

College St. between Dayton Rd. and Market St. will be closed during street cuts allowing storm water pipes, storm water inlet and man hole installation. During the curb, sidewalk, and paving work, traffic will also be interrupted.


Please excuse the dust as we improve our town.

Ashley Stevenson

Town of Dayton Board Member

Street Department


Dayton map, Rieth-Riley paving 2018