Marshal Robert “Scott” Taylor

I would like to introduce myself to the citizens of Dayton. I was hired as Marshal in September of 2014. I am 47 years old. My wife is a Nurse Practitioner in West Lafayette and we have been married for 26 years. This time next year I will have two children in college. I also have three dogs. My hobbies include fishing, boating, biking, hiking, and fishing.(yes, I meant to say it twice). We moved to the east side of Lafayette last year from Winamac so that my wife could be closer to work.

Prior to my law enforcement career I worked as a farm hand, on a factory assembly line, in a factory maintenance department, truck driver, and as a union carpenter. My father and grandfather were both union Ironworkers and both served in the military. I learned to have pride and respect for my country from them.

My career took a different path from theirs, but I still wanted to serve my community. I have a degree from Indiana University Kokomo in Criminal Justice. I spent the last 23 years working in law enforcement for two departments in Pulaski County Indiana. I have held the titles of Deputy Marshal and Marshal at the Winamac Police Department. I worked as a Corrections Officer, Jail Commander, County Deputy, Squad Sergeant, and my last position was Detective Sergeant with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office.

I enjoyed my position with the Sheriff’s Office and had planned to finish my law enforcement career there. However, after moving to Lafayette it became apparent that it would be difficult maintain the level of service to Pulaski County that I always strived for, while living 60 miles away.

I became aware that Dayton was looking for a Marshal. I researched the Police Department. I learned that the Dayton Police Department had a long history of professionalism. The Department had always garnered the respect of the law enforcement community in Tippecanoe County despite its small size. I learned that the Dayton Town Council had always placed the safety and protection of its citizens as a top most priority. Having enjoyed my experience working for a small town in the past and some serious consideration, I applied for the position. After an extensive hiring process that included, interviews, physicals, psychological evaluations, and a polygraph, I was hired as your Town Marshal.

My goal as Marshal is to provide a safe secure environment for the citizens of Dayton to live and raise a family. I want the residents to have pride and a sense of ownership in their Town. I believe in a common sense approach to law enforcement. I believe that laws are created to keep us all safe. I believe officers must use discretion when applying those laws by assessing every situation based on its own particular circumstance. There are times when arrests are necessary and required. There are also times when an arrest is not the best course of action. I believe in trying to gain compliance with local ordinances through education and awareness prior to official action. I believe in looking at all sides of any situation and taking the correct action.
Lastly, on a personal level, I believe that All human beings are created equal and should be afforded equal protection under the law. The only other “label” I think should ever be considered is that of “American”.

Marshal Robert “Scott” Taylor

Feel free to contact me by any of the following methods with your questions or concerns:
Department Phone:765-447-2219
Department Fax:765-449-4828

Deputy Marshals (part time):

Rob Hainje (Veteran of the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office)
Jeff Dunscomb (Veteran of the West Lafayette Police Dept.)
Randy Martin (Veteran of the Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office)
Jim Knogge (Veteran with the Tippecanoe County Community Corrections Office)
Mike Thomas (Veteran of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office)